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Transform Your Entry Way With Style And Security

Transform Your Entry Way With Style And Security

What is the first thing any visitor sees when they walk up to your home? The front door, of course. If your front door is old and worn, it can bring down that first impression and can have an impact on the resale value of your home. You want to make a great impression–curb appeal is important! And you can easily transform your entryway with style and security. Here’s what a new front door can do for you.

Heighten Security

Older doors are prone to air leaks and they might even be easy to breakthrough because they are past their prime. New technology has taken over the entry door industry and there are many more things at play today than they were when your old door was installed. You can get secure doors with new locks and energy efficient elements that will give you the most secure entry door in the neighborhood.


Entry doors can be plain and normal, but they can also be unique and beautiful. There’s nothing better than a new door that matches your home’s style and your own preferences. You can give your home a facelift and a new, welcoming appearance simply be replacing the front door.

Increased Lighting

Natural light is very important and your entry door can even allow in more light than your old door. You can get glass panes in the door, above the door, beside the door, and anywhere in between to let more light into your entryway.


Entry doors can come in any size, color, and style today and you are able to pick and choose the items you want to be included. Do you want a certain color that isn’t considered normal for entry doors? You can have it! Do you want a certain hardware, just the right windows, or other specifics? Pick whatever you’d like and build your door from scratch. You can create a one-of-a-kind door that works well for your home.

Echols Roofing does a lot more than take care of your roof. We can also work on windows, siding, gutters, deck, and entry doors! We want to make sure your home is safe, energy efficient, and as beautiful as possible. Contact us for details on entry doors so we can help you get the exact right fit for your home.

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