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Fall Updates With a Big Impact For Your Home

Fall updates with a big impact for your home

Fall is the perfect time of the year to work on your home. The busy summer months are behind you and the cold snaps of winter haven’t yet begun. If you’re looking for a few home projects that can have a big impact on your property, here are a few to consider.

New Windows

If you know your windows are on the old side and they leak like crazy, fall is a great time to get them replaced. New windows will make a world of difference on your energy bills as winter hits and they’ll look great on your home as well.

Replace the Entry Door

The entry door to your house can be a security risk if it’s not strong enough and it can bring down the curb appeal of the home as well. If you need a new door, take your time choosing the perfect fit or design custom options this fall.

Attic Insulation

It might not sound like the most glamorous upgrade since you won’t see it from inside or outside of your home, but you sure will feel it. Fall is a great time to add insulation to the attic while it’s not scorchingly hot or dreadfully cold. Adding insulation can get you breaks on your taxes the next time around and you will notice an automatic difference in the comfort of your home as well as on your energy bills. When you get your attic insulated to the proper levels, you’ll have a much more comfortable winter and when summer rolls around again, you’ll be cooler then as well. You’ll raise the resale value of your home along with lowering your energy bills.

If you don’t know how much attic insulation you have, or how much you should have, contact the experts to take a look at your attic. Echols Roofing is a family owned and operated business in Atlanta and we know everything about roofing and other home improvement needs. We start in the attics to help make the rest of your home secure, comfortable, and energy efficient every season of the year. Whether you update your windows, doors or insulation, make a difference in your comfort and energy efficiency.

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