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Factors that Shorten Your Roof’s Life

shingle roof and the words factors that shorten your roofs life

Replacing the roof on your home is a big expense, so maximizing your roof’s useful lifespan makes good financial sense. Understanding factors that can shorten a roof’s life and learning what to do about them can help you get the full value from your roof, and prevent costly damage to your home’s interior too.

Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure and Excessive Heat

Roofers in Atlanta know that UV degradation and overheating can prematurely age a shingle roof. You can slow the aging process and extend the service life of your roof by choosing an Energy Star-qualified “cool” shingle that’s designed to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. Having your attic ventilation assessed and adding more if necessary is also vital to prevent overheating from below and “frying” the shingles.

Moss Growth

Moss isn’t just a cosmetic issue; this invasive plant that thrives in damp, shaded areas pulls in moisture and can penetrate your shingles and lift the edges. Eventually, this can cause roof leaks, structural decay and interior damage. To prevent moss growth, keep tree limbs trimmed back so they don’t overhang the roof, and talk to an experienced roofer about installing zinc flashing. If moss is already established, get your roofer’s advice on how to remove it safely without further damaging the shingles.

Storm Damage

A hole from a heavy fallen tree limb is major storm damage that needs immediate attention, but high winds can also lift and tear off shingles or edge flashing, or hail can strip off the protective granules and expose the substrate. Even minor storm damage can cause slow leaks that deteriorate the roof’s structure and allow water into your attic/exterior walls where it can ruin the insulation and ceiling drywall. If you suspect that your roof is storm damaged, get it inspected right away so that issues can be identified and repaired, and you can file a homeowner’s insurance claim if necessary.

Neglected Maintenance

Year-round exposure to the elements can cause subtle roof wear that only regular maintenance can detect, like a few curled/broken shingles, or a section of bent/missing flashing around a vent pipe or chimney. Having a routine roof inspection annually and getting minor issues fixed before they escalate is essential to help your roof last as long as possible.

For more advice on how to extend the life of your home’s roof, contact us today at Echols Roofing, your expert roofers in Atlanta.

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