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3 Tips to Make Window Replacement a Success

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When it comes to planning a window replacement for your Atlanta home, you want durable and attractive windows and to have them expertly installed so they provide long-term benefits such as energy savings and added value. To help you get the greatest return on investment from this major expense, here are some tips on how to make sure your project is a success:

Define Your Goals and Needs First

There are lots of good reasons to replace older windows, and you may be planning a window replacement for your Atlanta home because your existing windows are drafty, the wood is badly deteriorated or they’re not functioning well anymore. Before you choose new windows and pick an installer, give some serious thought to what you want to accomplish. Are you looking to save money on energy costs, so efficiency is a primary concern? Do you want to elevate the curb appeal of your home, so it’s important to pick just the right style of window? Perhaps you want to gain both of these benefits, plus you also want to maximize the value that new windows add to your home.

Vet Your Installer Carefully

The long-term success of your window replacement project largely depends on the skill and reliability of your installer. There are lots of window replacement “specialists” in Atlanta, so it’s vital to vet potential hires carefully. Look for a well-established company that has years of experience, and one that has its own dedicated window installation crew and doesn’t subcontract. A history of providing top-notch workmanship and customer service is also important, so check unbiased third-party reviews with online sources like Best Pick Reports. You should also contact prior customers and ask pertinent questions about any installation contractor you’re considering hiring.

Choose the Right Windows

With so many different products on the market today, choosing the right windows for your home can seem like a daunting task. An experienced, reputable window installation contractor is your best source of advice about your options because they’ve compared all the different manufacturers and know the ones who make quality products that perform well in our hot, humid climate. Your installer can also help you weigh material types, styles and features so that your new windows suit your needs and match your budget perfectly.

If you’re planning to replace the windows in your Atlanta-area home and need expert help, contact us at Echols Roofing today!

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