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How to Make Your Roof Replacement Go Smoothly

words how to make your roof replacement go smoothly over a shingle roof

When it’s time to have a new roof installed, it’s important to do everything you can to make the process go smoothly. By planning ahead and giving yourself the tools to make good choices, you can ensure that there are as few snags as possible. Roof replacement in Atlanta doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. Here’s what you need to know.

Work with Reputable Roofers

Your roofing project is likely to go much more smoothly if you work with reputable, well-respected local contractors. Some things to check for include proper licensing, adequate insurance and references that can be easily verified. Relevant certifications from leading manufacturers in the roofing industry can also help you determine whether a particular contractor is right for you. Choosing local, reliable Atlanta roofers gives you the assurance that should anything go awry, they’ll be available to handle the problem.

Don’t Skimp on Materials

It’s important to remember that nationally-recognized shingle manufacturers typically offer better, more comprehensive warranties. Along with that benefit, better shingles offer improved protection for your home, greater energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan. Remember, the roof is an investment that will protect your home for at least the next few decades.

Be Ready for the Disruption

Atlanta roof replacements can entail lots of noise and debris. If your roof replacement project requires tearing off the old roofing materials, it can be an even bigger mess.

Good contractors will do their best to avoid any damage to your landscaping and personal property, but you can protect your property, too.

  • Keep your driveway cleared and park vehicles in an out-of-the-way spot.
  • Store or move outdoor items like lawn furniture and ornaments and grills.
  • Remove shades for light fixtures and items on the walls. Secure or relocate items that could fall from open shelving.
  • Close the windows of your home securely to prevent dust from getting inside.
  • Take care of landscaping issues like tree limbs that overhang your roof. Some roofing companies also offer this type of service.
  • Protect pets by boarding them or letting them stay with friends during the process.

Contact Echols Roofing for Your Atlanta Roof Replacement

At Echols Roofing, we’re proud to offer roofing services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned business has been taking care of Atlanta roof replacements for nearly six decades, and we look forward to helping you. Contact us today for your roof replacement estimate.

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