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Clues It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

broken window graphic and the words clues its time to replace your windows

Have you thought about replacing your windows, but you’re not sure if it’s really necessary? If you can identify with any of the following clues, you could benefit from window replacement for your Atlanta home.

High Energy Bills

If you’ve made efficiency-wise home improvements, like boosting insulation levels and air sealing the exterior envelope, but you still have older, inefficient windows, replacing them is the next logical step to further increase your home’s energy efficiency. New windows built by reputable manufacturers like Simonton are not only attractive and affordable, but they’re also extremely efficient. Today’s windows are designed specifically for our Georgia climate with efficiency-boosting features like premium vinyl frames, Energy Star-certified glass units, advanced LowE coatings, and thermally-prohibitive spacer systems.

Drafty Window Frames

If you notice drafts around the frames of your older windows, it may be due to worn out, damaged or missing weatherstripping, gaps where the sashes meet, warped or cracked frames, or even improper installation. If your windows weren’t made of quality materials, air leaks around the frames can develop from normal weather-related expansion and contraction, too. Any spaces where drafts occur are also potential entry points for moisture, which can decay your wood trim and the wall’s structural components and encourage mold growth.

Faulty Operation

With age and use, your window guides and rollers can wear out, making them frustratingly difficult to open and close. With double-hung windows, the balance shoes that stabilize the upper sashes can fail, causing them to slam shut or fall out unexpectedly. Older wood windows can also swell in our humid climate, making it impossible to close them tight and lock them securely. Installing new windows that are built for smooth, trouble-free operation like Simonton’s Reflection series can reduce your frustration, eliminate safety hazards and boost your home security too.

Condensation Between the Glass Panes

If some of your windows have a foggy appearance and there’s always moisture in between the glass, it’s a clear indicator that the seal that separates the panes is damaged. Condensation not only ruins your view and the appearance of your windows, it’s a sign that they’re not energy efficient anymore. By replacing them with options like triple-pane, Krypton-filled Simonton windows, you can dramatically improve the curb appeal and efficiency of your home.

To learn more about the beautiful and energy-efficient window replacement options available for your Atlanta home, contact us at Echols Roofing.

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