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Why The Best Time for a Roof Replacement is NOW

image of clocks with the words why the best time for a roof replacement is now

The animated movie Up is by turns bittersweet and funny. Bittersweet? Remember the montage scene where Carl and Ellie repeatedly raid their Paradise Falls trip jar for more pressing, immediate needs? Take a tip from Carl and Ellie: the time to do something is never “when you have finally saved enough,” it is NOW. This is as true for roof replacement Atlanta homeowners know they need as it is for taking that special vacation.

Curb Appeal

If you want to preserve home value and boost curb appeal ahead of a sale in the next five to 10 years, get your roof replaced now. With roof replacement, Atlanta homeowners will recover more than 69 percent of their investment at a resale time, says Remodeling’s Cost Vs Value Report. The longer you have the roof, the less you are paying per year to enjoy it.

The new roof provides more than just curb appeal and resale value; it lifts your mood. You return home each day to a house with a secure, new roof protecting your family and possessions. You sleep better at night knowing the roof over your head is strong, durable and watertight.

Worse With Wear

Another reason to replace your roof NOW instead of a year, or two or three or ten years from now: the roof will only get worse with wear. Roofs are not self mending, so any little issue now will grow to be a fearsome problem with another round of Atlanta ice storms and cold temperatures.

Echols Roofing can make temporary repairs to just about any type of Atlanta roof, whether shingles, shakes, metal or tile. But a repair is a patch, not an ultimate solution to an underlying problem. With full roof replacement, Atlanta homeowners will get their houses back into worry-free shape.


The most damaging time of the year for any roof in winter. Repeated freeze and thaw cycles, wind-driven snow, high winds and ice storms all take a toll on an aging roof. Before your home suffers through another frigid Atlanta winter, consider the kind of roof replacement Atlanta contractors recommend and Atlanta homeowners demand: a fresh start, new roof, and cozy comfort all winter long.

Echols Roofing is your partner in preserving your home’s value, curb appeal and security. Contact us today to discover how convenient and affordable a new roof really is.

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