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Plan Ahead for a Successful Roof Replacement

architect drawings with the words plan ahead for a successful roof replacement

When should you start planning your next roof replacement? Either as soon as you move into your Atlanta-area home, or as soon as the last nail is driven on your current roof. Why so soon? With proper planning, you can soften the financial blow, choose the right season, and avoid disrupting hearth and home.

Financial Planning

Most Atlanta homeowners think of financial planning as a path to retirement, but if you do not plan for the capital expense of a roof replacement, your roof may retire on you with no strong plan in place to pay for its replacement. For roof replacement, Atlanta homeowners can get good financing through banks and credit unions, but the more you save as a down payment, the better off you are when the time comes for a beautiful new roof.

The logic is simple: the more money you put down on the job, the less you have to finance. You save interest while enjoying a great new roof!

Seasonal Suitability

What is the best time for a new roof? For roof replacement Atlanta homeowners may think, “Summer,” but since so many are planning for that, outpace your neighbors and opt for an early spring contract. While other households are sitting around contemplating a call to their roofers, you can have a crew at work on your Atlanta-area home.

A local, reliable roofer like Echols Roofing can schedule a new roof on terms that suit you, and the typical cool spring Atlanta weather is ideal. Later in the year, a contractor may be rushing from job to job; do not let your roof replacement suffer by waiting until summer!

Disruptions Denied

Even with the best-planned roof replacement, Atlanta residential customers will have to work around some disruptions. You can minimize or even erase these by working with your local roofer on an ideal schedule.

An easy solution for your family is to book the reroofing around a vacation week, so you depart on the first day of the job and return on the scheduled last day. No disruptions, no noisy distractions, and a brand new roof!

Echols Roofing can work with you on planning the ideal roof replacement project. For roof replacement Atlanta homeowners prize, we are the preferred professionals. Whether you have questions about financing, scheduling, crews or roofing materials, one quick contact to our offices and you will have your answers.

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