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Defective Shingles on Your Roof? We Can Help.

hammer and nails on a roofing shingle

Recently, a homeowner in our service area discovered that their shingle roof was experiencing unusual decay and had to be replaced.  Here is a great example of a shingle roof that failed to live up to its reputation – and how Echols can help.

Echols communicates clearly with your insurance company

The shingle roof was losing excessive amounts of granules. Upon inspection, the Echols team realized that the shingles themselves were defective – and a discontinued product.

With discontinued shingles and a failing roof, a full replacement was required to keep this particular home safe.

After replacing the full shingle roof, Echols was able to work with this homeowner’s insurer to have the roof cost covered, less deductible.

Echols 20151208_094022 shingle granules in gutters - edited

This photo shows the granule loss from a defective and discontinued shingle.

Often, in the case of shingles which are defective and can no longer be repaired due to the shingle being discontinued, the homeowners insurance policy will cover a portion – or all – of the cost of replacing the roof.

Why insurance companies trust us

Echols Atlanta roofing technicians are HAAG trained in storm damage inspections at the same classes attended by the insurance adjusters.

Always contact a roofer you can trust

It’s always important for homeowners to know that they are in control of who works on the roof of their home.

If you suspect damage due to storms, or if you suspect you may have a discontinued and defective shingle, why trust a stranger that knocks on your door soliciting you?

Be wary of cold callers

Cold callers may not have the training, experience, or commitment to coordinate with your insurance company

If you are contacted “cold called” by a roofer knocking on your door offering free inspections, be aware that you should not sign any papers legally committing you to deal with that roofer only.

Never pay for materials that have not yet arrived

And never agree to pay anyone any portion of the insurance settlement before you have materials on the ground and make a call to the supply house that supplied them confirming that the materials at your home have been paid for.

Even if you pay the contractor in full, if he or she fails to pay for labor or materials used on your home, Georgia law holds the homeowner responsible for the unpaid bills.

That is why you should choose a known local professional company that you call rather than trust someone that knocks on your door.

Always work with trusted, local professionals

Call Echols Roofing & Home Improvements for a professional opinion from a known local professional.

We have been in business in Atlanta for 55 years and work well and cooperatively with all insurers on your behalf.

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