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Prepare Your Home for Winter with New Windows

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Alpharetta’s beautiful 1912 Queen Anne home, the Mansell House, is a fitting centerpiece of the city’s historic past. We are all fortunate, though, that our homes today do not have to suffer with windows from 1912! If your home’s windows seem like they are from another century, consider getting new windows installed before winter’s first bite. 

Out and In

New windows do more than improve the outward appearance of your home. Modern windows are marvels of passive energy efficiency:

  • U-Factor—This measures the heat from inside the room that can escape; the lower the number, the better for measuring (and minimizing) wintertime heat loss
  • Visible Transmittance—This tells how much natural daylight enters your room; more natural light reduces energy demand by keeping electric lights off
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)—In summer, a lower SHFC means less outside heat invades your Alpharetta home
  • Air Leakage—Lower numbers here mean less air infiltration

These four ratings from the National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC) provide a handy guide to help you select windows that will increase energy efficiency and provide a comfortable home throughout the year.

Boost Your Boiler

The Alpharetta region may not get the staggering cold days our northern neighbors suffer from, with our annual low temperatures only down to 29 degrees in most Januarys. Still, any efficiency you can bring to your home reduces the workload on your furnace, heat pump or boiler. This increases equipment life, reduces HVAC service calls, and adds to your energy savings.

Double-glazed new windows cut winter heat loss and prevent summer heat gain. In addition to insulated glass panes, your home will be more tightly sealed with fresh caulking around exterior trim and new insulation around the window frames.

The new windows, with superior barriers to water and air infiltration, will keep your indoor air quality more stable throughout the heating season and prevent high humidity during cooling season.

Return on Investment

Replacement windows are surprisingly economical, especially when you consider how long the windows will add to your energy savings—often for decades. Whether your home has four or forty windows, every new window increases your return on investment through energy savings, reduced HVAC load, and better indoor air quality.

Contact Echols Home Improvements today to learn more about new windows for your residence in Alpharetta and the surrounding region.

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