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Which Windows Are Best For Energy Efficiency?

Which Windows Are Best For Energy Efficiency?

When it comes to replacement windows, our focus at Echols Home Improvements is efficiency. Replacement windows can have a significant impact on your home’s energy costs. New updated windows will help keep the cooler air inside during the summer, and the cold air outside in the winter.

How Energy Efficient Windows Save Energy 

Old, single-pane windows often leak, raising your heating/cooling costs. After several years of exposure to sunlight, window casings can rot away and the caulking can dry up. Energy-efficient replacement windows help keep cool air inside and reduce your energy bills. 

Types of Replacement Windows

Echols offers various types of replacement windows from the best manufacturers. You can choose between paintable composite windows, or Simonton Windows made from durable vinyl. All Simonton windows are built from high-quality vinyl for durability and ease-of-maintenance. 

The 5050 series Simonton windows give you options like:

  • Styles to match your home’s architectures
  • A choice of white or tan vinyl
  • Tinted, double-strength, obscure, or tempered glass.

The 5500 series provides extra options like:

  • Advanced glass for improved efficiency, sound dampening, and security 
  • A three-year warranty
  • An extended range of styles
  • More exterior color choices

Why Echols Windows are Best for Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 25% of the heating and cooling costs for an average homeowner tie in with energy loss. New windows can help you save on energy bills in the following ways:

  • Leak-free Protection – Windows which get cold in winter or heat up in summer contribute to energy loss. Our replacement windows are leak-free, saving you money in energy bills.
  • Protection Against UV Rays – Our replacement windows guard against UV rays, lowering room temperatures and reducing the need to run air conditioners in the summer.
  • Durable Materials – Vinyl is a durable window frame material which is quite effective for insulation and energy efficiency. 

Ultimately, choosing the right contractor and materials for your replacement windows are essential to having an energy-efficient home. Reach out to Echols Home Improvements in Atlanta for a free estimate or more information on how replacement windows can save you energy.

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