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Use Windows for a Dramatic Home Renovation

picture of a home with beautiful window renovations written over it

Modern homes in the Atlanta area enjoy some of the best made, most energy efficient building products in human history. Yet many of our homes use and reuse the same standard elements, like the double-hung window.

Although these standard windows carry a perennial appeal, we also like to remind our neighbors and customers that there are many other window designs that can transform your home into a designer showpiece.

Window Options

Echols Roofing works with a leading name in replacement windows, Simonton, to bring you a wide variety of window options:

  • Single hung
  • Single, double and three-light slider windows
  • Casement and Colonial casement
  • Awning windows

Many other styles are available, too, such as Simonton’s geometric windows and bow, bay or garden windows. Each offers a distinctive visual appeal that can dramatically elevate any room in your Atlanta-area home. Not only do replacement windows increase daylighting and reduce energy costs, they help you redesign ordinary spaces so that your living room, dining area or master bedroom looks professionally remodeled at a fraction of the price of a complete remodeling.

Geometric Windows

Half-round windows can be incorporated over a front entrance, added above a standard double hung window, or in a tall gable. While they cannot open, they do open up any wall to give more daylight and break up the standard rectangular appearance of most windows.

Bay Windows

Take three standard windows and mull them together (each shares a mullion with the window next to it) and you have a bay window. This punches through the flat exterior of your home, changing a drab wall into a three-dimensional invitation to take in the scenery outside.

Bow Windows

Building on the idea of a bay window, a bow window adds extra lights (windows) to provide a rounded appearance. You can have bow windows with four, five or even six lights, giving enough interior room for a lovely window seat and giving a soft, rounded exterior.

Garden Windows

A garden window in a home office or kitchen provides interior shelf space for houseplants. In the kitchen, a garden window over the sink both increases the daylight entering your kitchen and gives you an ideal spot to grow fresh herbs for cooking.

Contact Echols Roofing today to learn how high quality, energy-efficient replacement windows can give your home an exciting facelift for a very unexciting price.

New Window Options for Your Home
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