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How To Build A Relationship With The Best Roofer

How To Build A Relationship With The Best Roofer

Trust is a two-way agreement. You can trust a local roofer for repair, maintenance, and annual inspection. And then one day, the trust can be shattered with a poor installation job, a difficult personality, or a miscommunication. To build a solid, long-lasting relationship with the best local roofer, remember to communicate, keep in touch, and be open to ideas. 


Part of trusting your local, reputable roofer is to communicate clearly, and also pay attention to communications from your roofer. Expect to see your roofer at local events, on a website, in social media, and occasionally in person. 

Your local, trustworthy roofer realizes every chance to make contact with loyal customers is an opportunity to strengthen that relationship. Building trust comes from small investments in a sort of emotional bank account. Rather than look for one large deposit, consider these regular, smaller contributions:

  • Your roofer stays in touch with you
  • Your roofer makes and keeps promises
  • Your roofer invites feedback and followups
  • You get the sense that your roofer puts your needs first

You can opt instead to work with a here-today, gone-tomorrow type of roofer. We have advised against it in the past, and will again: stick with a local pro you know! A local roofer with clear communication channels will be far more accessible before, during and after the job than that storm-chasing outsider

Keep in Touch

When arranging a roof repair, regular maintenance, or even a full roof replacement, be sure to keep in close touch with your roofer. The typical project has three phases: 

  1. Before the work — You ask for estimates from three roofers; do you let them know who got the job, and why the other two did not? That kind of feedback can help everyone.
  2. During the work — Are you making concerns, questions and needs known to the site manager? Or are you fretting and worrying needlessly, because you do not understand something about the project? 
  3. After the work — Callbacks happen with even the best roofers; some small issue is overlooked or confuses you — provide feedback and contact with your roofer!

Just as you keep in touch with your roofer before, during and after roof work, your roofer will stick with you, as a loyal customer. The sales representative may highlight the roofing company’s history and strong customer service. The site manager may explain the actual process, reassuring you about waste hauling, noises, the pace of work, and more. The finance department may follow up with you to make certain you understand any financing arrangements you made. 

Together, the superior roofing company’s many ways of keeping in touch provide superior service to you, the customer. Expect nothing less.  

New Ideas

Plenty of roofers pine for the old days. Old School, they call it. Hammer and nails, day laborers picked up at the local big-box home improvement store. Invoices due upon receipt, financing is your headache. The goal for that breed of roofers was to crank out as much work as possible, outrunning bad reputations through sheer volume. 

Modern roofing companies know better. They embrace new ideas, they train their installers and crews carefully, and they work with customers. A company as forward-thinking and dedicated as Echols Home Improvements, for example, would rather build a long-term relationship with a core group of loyal customers than soak the community and move on.

We keep our crews trained and up to date on innovations. We help arrange financing. We use modern technology and we plan to remain in our community, ready to serve those loyal customers. 

When customers approach us for a particular project, we also present opportunities to think beyond the one job. Install a new roof, sure, but would that be a great time to consider fresh gutters? Does the new roof mean a chance to rebuild a problematic patio or deck? 

Offering our customers plenty of options in all aspects of a project is one way we, as local roofers, can rise above the competition. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Sometimes we learn that our customers hear the same question, over and over: What advice would you give someone searching for a roofing contractor? Most of them simply hand out one of our business cards. But to provide a meaningful answer, consider:

  • If your neighbor enjoyed the experience of an outstanding roof replacement, you can too
  • When your neighbor, who will remain your neighbor for many years, recommends us, you can trust that referral
  • Every neighbor who helps out a neighbor with a connection to a trustworthy roofer strengthens the relationship between us all, neighbors and roofer

The start of a great relationship is a quick contact away. Reach out to Echols Home Improvements and we will show you how we earn customers every day. We provide exemplary customer service, outstanding installation work, and honest, fair value.

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