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How To Skip Being Caught By Risky Roofers Running Rampant

text: How To Skip Being Caught By Risky Roofers Running Rampant

You would think homeowners would be smart enough to detect a roofing scam. You’d be wrong, as case after case both in our area (as reported by WSB-TV) and nationwide (Reddit) shows. How can you protect yourself from storm chasers while still getting emergency roof repair?

Go Local

One of the easiest ways to avoid being caught in the web of lies spun by storm chasers is to work with a local, trustworthy roofer. When getting price estimates from roofers, do your own research. Someone walking up to your door to offer their services is not usually someone deserving of your trust. Get local roofers, with physical addresses and verifiable credentials, to bid on your roof.

Keep your neighborhood roofer’s telephone number on speed dial. Ignore out-of-towners who round up day crews outside big-box home improvement stores.

Stay Legal

Storm chasers try to enlist you in defrauding insurance companies by claiming they can do the entire roof repair job for the insurance check. This is a major warning sign. A quality roofing job, whether a storm damage roof repair or a completely new roof, is not “free” to anybody.

Stay legal, avoid getting charged with insurance fraud, and ask for written estimates from reliable roofers only.

Sign Cautiously

Consider these “storm chaser” warning signs:

  • Honest roofers will be happy to provide certifications, testimonials, a gallery of recent projects, and the names of happy customers.
  • Dependable roofers will never make you sign vague paperwork. Everything is spelled out and agreed upon in writing.
  • Never sign for exclusivity. You are them promising to only work with that roofer. When the insurance check is cut, it goes to them. No insurance company will force you to work with a particular roofer, though many adjusters may recommend one.
  • No legitimate contract will include wording like, “Scope of work to be determined.” That, Neighbors, is a way they turn the cash spigot on. And they don’t turn it off until you have nothing left.
  • A real contractor will work with your insurance company, not demand full payment before starting any work.

If in doubt, talk it out with your insurance adjuster, not the roofer. Echols Roofing is here, part of the Atlanta community, year after year. We are your local, reliable Atlanta roofer and building contractor. We can help get your roof right, rescuing you from risky roofers. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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