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3 Ways Replacement Windows Save Big on Energy

text: 3 Ways Replacement Windows Save Big on Energy

Windows in new homes are often low cost and don’t do much for energy efficiency. Nearly 25 percent of the average homeowner’s heating and cooling costs correlates with energy loss, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Here are three key reasons why replacement windows help homeowners save on energy bills.

1. New Windows are Leak-free

Old windows can develop leaks that affect energy efficiency and costs. The more warm air escapes through windows in the cold months, the more energy it takes to heat a room, raising energy costs. Homes that were built earlier than the late twentieth century typically lack the sustainability strategies of more modern homes. Windows that heat up in the summer or get cold in the winter contribute to energy loss.

2. Protection Against UV Rays

New replacement windows guard against letting UV rays into the home, which can damage furniture and carpeting. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause furniture to fade, but effective tinting or coverings can block UV rays from causing damage. Windows treated with coating and gas can reduce UV rays, which lowers room temperature with less need to use air conditioning in the summer. Low emissity (“low-e”) glass provides a thin layer of metallic oxides that reflect ultraviolet rays. This effect lowers heat loss in the winter and reduces solar heat gain in the summer.

3. Durable Materials

One of the most durable frame materials for replacement windows is vinyl. A single pane window will not be as energy efficient as a double or triple pane window. Since vinyl is a poor conductor of heat, it works as effective insulation. The two other popular durable window frame types are wood and aluminum. Keep in mind the manner in which windows are installed will play a big role in their durability, which is why it’s advantageous to only work with experienced, licensed contractors.

Choosing the right contractor and materials for replacement windows are essential keys to creating an energy efficient solution for your home. Reach out to Echols Home Improvements for a free estimate and more information on how replacement windows save energy.

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