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What is the Best Service for Storm Roof Replacement?

What is the Best Service for Storm Roof Replacement?

We all have heard of the perfect storm, but what of the perfect storm damage roofer? What qualities should an Atlanta-area homeowner look for in a roofer when a storm strikes? How can you ensure prompt, attentive service in replacing or repairing your roof after storm damage?

Perfect Storms

Atlanta, admittedly, does not suffer the harsh snow and ice storms our northern neighbors endure. Yet the recent rains and tornadoes across Georgia are testaments to the awesome power of Mother Nature. Your roof suffers physical damage even as your family endures emotional trauma from heavy weather.

The U.S. Weather Service has a catalog of major weather events that have crippled Georgia, including Atlanta. Any doubt that your home could be subjected to the perfect mix of rain, high winds and pelting hail is erased with even a cursory reading the list of severe weather.

Imperfect Roof

Residential roofs, like all things we puny humans make, are no match for the intense energy of a major storm. Shingles are uplifted and peeled away. Metal roofing panels can be torn from their mechanical fasteners. Slate, tile and composite roofing materials can sustain damage from tree limbs, wind-borne debris, or water driven deep into cracks by hurricane-force winds.

No roof is perfect. Aging roofs suffer more than new roofs when storms strike. To compensate for the deficiencies in even the best roofs, turn to highly trained professional, local roofers.

Perfect Roofer

Customer service in a good residential roofer is always important. Yet, after a storm, you really begin to appreciate what stellar customer service can mean. You are stressed. Your family is emotionally shattered. Your roof may be in such bad shape, you cannot even be sure you can stay in your home.

Turning to a local, reliable roofer can relieve a lot of the stress you feel after a storm. Even with only minor roof repair work, trusting a highly trained neighborhood roofer can help you sleep better at night.

How do you identify good customer service? How can you know, ahead of time, which roofer you should turn to after a storm? And with such an enormous investment that a new roof represents, how can you be sure you will get your money’s worth?

Hallmarks of a perfect roofer begin with some basics:

  • Up-to-date state and local licenses
  • Local physical address
  • Proof of liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Thick portfolio of recent work
  • Evidence of work within the community
  • Customer testimonials
  • Manufacturer endorsements

Beyond the basics (which, by the way, weed out many storm-chasing roofers), you can also spot a good roofer through these customer service qualities:

  • Promptly returns telephone calls
  • Shows organization and thoroughness
  • Demonstrates a clear chain of command and responsibility
  • Listens
  • Educates potential customers with respect and honesty
  • Exemplary quality in craftsmanship

Storm Savvy

A local Atlanta roofer has to be storm-savvy, to know how to look beyond obvious signs of damage to the hidden dangers. A roof is a complex system of interlocking parts. When one part fails, other parts may fail at a far slower rate. They still fail; if your roofer is not experienced enough to identify damage to your insurance adjuster, you may be stuck for a repair bill months later.

With a roof replacement, you need impeccable customer service from your roofer because that company is your strongest advocate. The insurance company may balk at replacing a $15,000 roof instead of paying for a $5,000 repair. By turning to your roofer, you can back up your concerns with evidence.

From ridge vents to shingles to underlayment to sheathing, every part of your roof needs a thorough inspection to make certain storm damage is uncovered. A local roofer with a proven track record will know to inspect everything and present photographs and other evidence to your insurer.

Preselecting a Roofer

A good way to have a roofer in place, ready when storm damage strikes, is to engage a roofer for smaller projects now:

  • Annual roof inspection
  • Minor repairs, such as loose flashing, missing or slightly damaged shingles, or dislodged metal panel roofing
  • Roofing an addition, outbuilding, porch or similar small roof

The goal is to vet the roofer, screen the crews and understand the company’s work ethic. Then, when storm damage occurs, you know who to trust with your home’s entire roof. The roofer can also become familiar with your existing roof, so unique challenges can be anticipated. Architectural elements like dormers, turrets, and skylights all affect the way a new roof is installed.  

For dependable, storm-smart roofing service that begins from the very first contact and continues through the final insurance inspection, contact the trained professionals at Echols Roofing today. We have strong roots in the local community, we have a proven history of superb customer service, and we are storm damage experts.

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