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Advantages Of A New Shingle Roof

Advantages of a New Shingle Roof

If your Atlanta-area home is in need of a new roof, today’s modern materials give you plenty of choices. You could opt for a concrete tile roof (very Spanish!), a metal roof (very durable, and expensive), or a reliable shingle roof replacement. The main advantages of going with shingle roof replacement are its beauty, its protection, and its economy.


Today’s fiberglass-asphalt shingle, such as a product from GAF or CertainTeed, is an amazing technology that combines stunning good looks with superior weather protection. With architectural shingles, you get dramatic profiles, sharp shadows, and a huge boost in curb appeal.

The colors for today’s shingles are astounding. You can get cool roofing colors in light tints, a complete range of earth tones, or rich dark colors.


Consider what your Atlanta home’s roof does. Nearly everything you own is sheltered beneath it. You cannot afford water infiltration, pest invasion, or climate control loss due to a faulty roof.

A new shingle roof replacement keeps water from ruining your possessions while preserving your family’s health. A strong, weather-resistant shingle roof replacement helps prevent flying animals, rodents and insects from nesting in your attic. And that sturdy, durable shingle roof replacement helps control heat loss in winter and cooling loss in summer.


Shingle roof replacement is one of the least expensive ways to protect and beautify your Atlanta home. According to Cost Versus Value, a roof replacement in our area will cost an average of $19,925 while returning 69.2 percent of its cost at resale. This means you enjoy the beauty, protection and security of a new roof while only paying out an average of $6,136.90 after selling your home.

Among residential roofing materials, fiberglass-asphalt shingles are just about the lowest-cost installation solution you can find. Metal roofing is great and lasts a lifetime, but at a very high installation price for most homeowners. Concrete or ceramic tile is also durable, but pricey and challenging to install. Only shingle roof replacement combines affordability with a reasonable (20-year) lifespan. It is the ideal option if you are considering moving within a decade.

When you know the time is right for shingle roof replacement, contact the “Golden Rule” Company, Echols Roofing & Home Improvements. We are your safest choice in the Atlanta area for shingles, roof repair, and much more.

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