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How to Spring Into Action on Small Roof Leaks

droplet of water with the words how to spring into action on small roof leaks

As long as you’re diligently performing spring cleaning duties in your home’s yards and exterior, spring into action on the roof leak front as well.

While more major roof leaks are evident via water drops in the living areas, small roof leaks can take place without notice if you don’t know what to look for.

Tips for Finding Small Roof Leaks

The following tips don’t take more than an hour of your time but can save thousands of dollars in long-term damage and repair costs.

Peek into the attic

In most cases the attic is the first place to show signs of water leaks, via dark patches on the underside of the roof or insulation. Take a flashlight and proceed carefully (use sturdy joists for footing support), inspecting the attic’s interior from one end to the other. Any signs of moisture or water damage should trigger a call to a trusted roofing contractor.

Walk the perimeter of interior rooms and porch overhangs

If water is traveling from the roof through the interior of your wall spaces, you may see signs via wet or dark spots on the perimeters of your room’s ceilings, down the walls or along the interior overhangs of porches.

You notice mold or mildew in your home

Mold and mildew can indicate many things, including potential roof leaks. Identifying the cause, repairing leaks and eliminating these colonies protects the infrastructure of your home and improve interior air quality.

Neglecting Small Roof Leaks Will Cost You

Any signs of a roof leak should be addressed as soon as possible. While they may seem new to you – the leaks could have existed for quite some time, and resulting damage might be more dramatic than anticipated. The sooner roof leaks are repaired, the less likely you are to require full roof replacement.

If put at the bottom of the “to-do” list, further damage will occur. This means that in addition to the costs for a roof repair or replacement, you may also experience steep repair costs for any structural or architectural damage that has occurred.

Additionally, any resulting mold or mildew issues can create interior air quality issues that lead to respiratory problems for both your family and guests.

Do you need assistance locating or repairing a roof leak? Schedule a consultation with Echol’s Roofing and we’ll ensure your roof, siding and/or windows are leak-free and as good as new.

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