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3 Atlanta Roof Repairs That Cannot Wait

3 Atlanta Roof Repairs That Cannot Wait

Every home has to have certain components in order to operate nicely.

There has to be walls, windows, and, of course, a roof. Your roof is your first line of defense against any weather and when Atlanta roof repair is necessary, you need to get on it as soon as possible. Here are 3 Atlanta roof repairs that you should put into motion as soon as possible.

Repair#1: Small Leaks

You might think that small leaks are no big deal and they aren’t…for now. But if you wait and let the rainy season come, that small leak could grow into something as big as a full roof replacement. Small leaks are showing you a weak point in your roof. If you leave it alone, the weak point will only grow and cause more damage to your home. Get that small leak repaired now at a low cost and avoid further costs and damage.

Repair#2: Curled or Blistered Shingles

Your shingles help you gauge the health of your roof. Atlanta roof repair should be done when you notice shingles that are curled, blistered, or even missing. You don’t have to be an expert to notice and you don’t even have to get up the roof to spot the damaged shingles. The shingles guard the roof and if they are curled or missing, they aren’t doing their job. This can lead to small leaks, which only get worse over time…especially when the rainy season hits.

Repair#3: Damaged Gutters

If your gutters are bent, broken, or not attached to the house correctly, you need to get roof repair before the rain hits. The gutters are meant to direct the water away from your foundation so you don’t receive any damage in that area. If they aren’t working properly, the very base of your house is at risk. You don’t want to put your home through a rainy season without Atlanta roof repair.

If you know you have small items that need repair, contact Echols Roofing & Home Improvements. Even if you aren’t sure how your roof is doing, give us a call and we’ll assess your roof to make sure you can get through the rainy season without damage. Your roof is an important part of your home’s health and well being. Have it inspected and get Atlanta roof repair if necessary to keep everything else safe throughout the year.

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