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3 Glaring Warning Signs that Your Roofer is Not On the Ball

image of a roof with the words 3 glaring warning signs that your roofer is not on the ball

You may feel overwhelmed and at a disadvantage when you discover that your home needs a new roof. You need to choose a high-quality material and make sure it’s installed properly, but you’re likely unfamiliar with the available material options and the roof installation process. This makes it essential to hire a roofer who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and fully competent. When you’re comparing Atlanta roofers, here are three clear warning signs that a contractor isn’t on the ball:

Offers Limited Material Choices

If a roofer only offers one kind of basic shingles and tells you they’ve never worked with anything else, it’s a big red flag. It’s likely that they’re not certified by leading material manufacturers and probably lack training in how to properly install all the components of a roof. Competent roofers have training and experience installing a full range of roofing products from one or more reputable manufacturers. They can offer you several material choices at different price points within your budget, and give you sound advice on the pros and cons of each one.

Wants to Start Right Away Without a Signed Contract

A roofer who wants to begin work right away after giving you a verbal or hastily-written estimate is either inexperienced or doesn’t plan to stand behind their workmanship. Capable and trustworthy Atlanta roofers will give you a quote that covers the scope of the proposed work, the specific brands and type of materials to be used, and a price breakdown. They’ll also provide you with a contract for both parties to sign that includes all of the above information, the project schedule as well as the workmanship and material warranty details.

Can’t Explain the Project Process and Timeline

A contractor who can’t explain the steps they plan to take to complete your roofing project may not have a good grasp of what’s involved, or they might routinely cut corners and don’t want you to know. If they can’t or won’t discuss a timeline, they may lack the experience to estimate how long the work will take, or they may plan to take on multiple jobs and not stay on yours until it’s completed. Reliable, experienced roofers can describe the progression of the project from start to finish and give you a reasonable time frame for getting the work completed.

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