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The Roof Replacement Process On Your Georgia Home

The roof replacement process on your Georgia home

People fear the unknown. What, they wonder, is involved in a full roof replacement? Will it hurt my house? Will it disrupt my family’s evenings and make a mess of my yard? The reality is far less fraught than most people imagine.

Out With the Old

Roof replacement begins with decisions from you, the Atlanta-area homeowner, such as roofing material, budget, color, and schedule. Work with your professional residential roofing contractor to determine exactly the right look and price point, then agree on a schedule. Roof replacement takes a few days — the exact timing depends on weather, roof size, roof pitch (the angle), and some other factors — but will seldom stretch to a full week of work. Expect early hours but no activity past sunset.

The task continues with removing the old roof, which may involve bangs, screeches, and thuds as shingles are shoveled off your roof (with, naturally, a roof shovel), nails and staples are pulled, and debris is tossed off the roof.

Your professional roofing crew will protect landscaping and carefully pick up all roof debris for removal. Usually, a magnetic rake is used to ensure no nails and staples stay in your yard.

In With the New

A really great roof replacement involves a lot more layers and parts than most homeowners realize. Here is a brief list based on a typical shingle roof:

  • Waterproof membrane (for flat areas)
  • Drip edge
  • Flashing — both rubberized and metal
  • Water and ice shield and/or felt paper as underlayment
  • Starter strip shingles
  • Architectural (deep cut) or tab shingles
  • Ridge cap or ridge vent
  • Rubber boots around sanitary stacks

In addition, roofs need nails, adhesives, caulk, and sometimes sealants. All of these materials go down quickly, surely, and efficiently in the hands of trained professional roofers.

Finished Product

Your new roof replacement project is done, and you look proudly at your new roof. Brightly colored, with fresh, crisp lines, it resists water and protects your Atlanta-area home. It is ready to offer a couple of decades of reliable, dependable service.

When you contact us at Echols Roofing & Home Improvements, answer promptly, we meet with you on your schedule, and we help you decide on the right roof to replace your Atlanta-area home’s current roof. The roof replacement process does not need to be confusing, and when you partner with Echols, it won’t be — we explain it all, and answer your every question.

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