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Choosing the Best Colors for Your Shingle Roof

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When the time comes to tackle a roof replacement on your Atlanta home, choosing a shingle color is one of the major decisions you’ll face. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about picking a color because your roof is a prominent structural element, and you’ll be living with your choice for 20-30 years. Here’s some helpful advice on how to choose the best shingle color for your home.

Decide on a Shingle Brand and Type First

The available colors will vary depending on the specific shingle you choose, so it’s wise to pick out a brand, grade, and profile that matches your needs and budget before you begin considering color choices.

Use Other Structural Components as a Guide

Your new roof color should complement the different hues already present in your home’s other exterior elements, like the cladding, brick or stonework. Avoid matching the colors of other components too closely though, because this creates a monotone effect that looks washed-out and dull.

Aim for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star-rated shingles have special granules that reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it, so they can help lower your cooling costs and reduce wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. These energy-efficient shingles are available in attractive lighter shades, and typically feature extra resistance to staining from issues like algae growth.

Look Around Your Neighborhood

You don’t want your home to look exactly like all the others on your street, but it shouldn’t stand out in stark contrast either, because this can potentially affect its value or make it difficult to sell in the future. This makes it wise to choose a shingle color that fits in well in your neighborhood, rather than picking one that’s dramatically different.

Take Different Shingle Colors for a Test Run

Once you’ve narrowed down your color choices, ask your roofing contractor about putting shingle samples up on your roof temporarily. This allows you to judge how each color looks under natural light conditions, because the appearance can change depending on the time of day. Our southern sunshine also tends to have a reddish hue, so a test run is the ideal way to decide which shingle color complements your home’s palette.

Here at Echols Roofing, we’re pleased to offer consultation services with an award-winning professional designer to help you choose the best color for the roof replacement on your Atlanta home. Contact us today to learn more!

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