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3 Facts About Shingle Roof Replacement

shingle roof with words 3 facts about shingle roof replacement

If you’re planning a roof replacement for your Atlanta-area home, you have a number of different material options to pick from. Shingles are the roofing material that eight of ten American homeowners choose and there are good reasons why. There are beautiful shingle profiles and colors available today to suit every taste, and shingles offer the most bang for a homeowner’s buck when they’re expertly installed. Here’s a more in-depth look at these three facts about shingle roof installations:

A Shingle Roof Can Create a Dramatic Aesthetic

Back when three-tab shingles were the norm, shingle roofs all looked pretty much the same and offered few distinctive options for enhancing a home’s curb appeal. Nowadays, there are new and exciting shingle profiles to choose from to boost your home’s aesthetic, including ones that perfectly replicate the amazing texture and depth of slate, tiles or wood shakes. These dimensional shingles are much thicker and more durable than basic shingles, and they can give you the look of a high-end natural material without the exorbitant cost or any extra maintenance requirements.

A New Shingle Roof Provides Excellent Value

There are roofing materials on the market that claim to have extraordinarily long lifespans, such as metal, tile or slate. The high upfront cost of these 50+ year roofs means they can’t deliver their full value unless you stay in your current home for half a century. In comparison, a high-quality shingle roof costs a lot less initially, so it offers a comparable value but a more reasonable replacement time frame. The realistic lifespan of a durable shingle roof also means that you’re not tied to the same color or roofing profile for 50 long years, which is a benefit since design trends and your personal taste are bound to change over time.

High-Quality Installation Is the Key to Shingle Longevity

Roof shingles are like most other home building components and equipment: they’ll only perform well and last as long as they should if they’re installed by a skilled and experienced professional. When you hire a fully-qualified, certified contractor to handle the roof replacement on your Atlanta home, you can opt for an equally high-quality manufacturer’s warranty that covers workmanship and material flaws for the life of your roof system, depending on the the specific shingle you choose.

If you’re planning a roof replacement for your Atlanta home, contact us today at Echols Roofing!

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