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Clean Site Equals Quality Work

graphic that says clean site equals quality work

Cleanliness and organization are two characteristics that many homeowners fail to ask about when vetting Atlanta roofing contractors. During our 55+ years in the local home improvement industry, we’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a company by how neatly they keep a work-site. Cleanliness is an excellent barometer of the overall quality you can expect because it reveals a contractor’s concern for:

Safety for all Parties

site clear of debris

(photo #1)

A messy project site can pose hidden hazards for you and your family, your pets, visitors to your home and a contractor’s own employees. When the site is in disarray, any number of possible accidents and injuries can occur, like tripping and falling over materials or discarded scraps, slipping on spilled liquids, puncturing or cutting a hand or foot on dropped nails/screws or blades, or developing breathing issues from excessive construction dust.

Neat and orderly work site

(photo #2)

Worker Productivity

It’s a well-known fact that disorganization in the workplace negatively affects productivity. If your contractor doesn’t keep your project site neat and tidy, it can be distracting and disorienting for the company’s employees. It’s also a guarantee that valuable time is going to be wasted looking for misplaced tools, equipment and materials on a daily basis.

Customer Care

The level of care that an Atlanta remodeling or roofing contractor takes with your home and property is also a reflection of their degree of respect for their customers and whether they’re committed to providing top-notch service.

Echols’ Ethos: Treat Every Customer’s Home With the Utmost Respect

neatly stacked wood piles

(photo #3)

We believe in treating your home and property like it’s our own, so we keep the work-site neat, clean and organized throughout the entire project. We’re always thrilled to receive positive feedback from customers who were dreading dealing with a mess, and instead had a surprisingly pleasant experience. This recent siding project in Duluth demonstrates how we treat every work-site. You can see that even in the midst of the project, there’s no debris on the lawn. (photo #1) We take care to park our vehicles and dumpsters in orderly fashion in the driveway, and leave no debris on the driveway or lawn. (photo #2) Materials used for the project, like these boards, are stacked in a neat pile to minimize potential damage to the grass and prevent tripping hazards (photo #3).

If you’re looking for Atlanta roofing contractors who’ll treat your home with the respect and care it deserves, contact us at Echols Roofing.

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