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Windows, Trim, Colors and More!

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Homeowners are jumping into summer with home improvement in mind. If you are looking for a worthy job, window replacement may be a great project to research for the leisurely warm months ahead. A window and trim replacement can give your home a beautiful, new feel for the season. However, replacements can increase the overall efficiency and value of your home as well.

Energy Efficiency

In Marietta, the hot sun can beat down on your windows causing the glass to deteriorate and insulation properties to be easily decreased. The goal of your windows should be to let in light, and not the heat. If more heat is allowed into your home because of aging windows, it may be time for a window replacement. By upgrading your windows, you can save energy, and save money on heating and cooling costs.

Trim Colors

Choosing a color that accents the rest of your home’s exterior is important. Increase the curb appeal of your home or simply freshen things up, but make sure the colors you choose don’t clash! Classic colors include:

  • White, beige, and off-white
  • Brown
  • Grey

For an up-charge in price, aluminum clad synthetic windows from Ply-Gem or Lincoln are available in a rainbow of colors. Listed are some of the colors that have been making a popular appearance lately:

  • Bright green
  • Orange and Red
  • Purple
  • Light yellow

Window Replacement

New window styles have just recently hit the market, and it seems that now is the best time to be interested in a window replacement.
Ply Gem windows have a focus on “going green” and their windows offer affordable beauty, along with an emphasis on energy efficiency.
We also have Simonton windows available for installation. Simonton offers a variety of classical and attractive windows styles, in different shapes and sizes.


It is important to take your time and research the different window options you are looking into. Modest yet modern colors will appeal to neighbors and home buyers alike, so keep in mind your surroundings and the future when planning out new colors for a window and trim replacement.

Connect with Echols Home Improvements to go over the facts about new windows and discuss the current state of your windows before your replacement.

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