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Plan Your Summer Home Projects!

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We all know that it is the time of year to get our home projects out the way before the cooler months make another appearance. Many home improvement projects are best if done in summer and before storms set in.. Start planning your home improvement projects early to save stress, time and money. Then, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor throughout the summer months!

New Gutter Systems

If you have noticed your gutters aren’t pushing out water away from your home like they should, or they are starting to fall, it may be time to install a new gutter system. Before the autumn rains arrive, ensure that water won’t leak into your home because of old and damaged gutters. Some ways to know if your gutters need replacing include:

  • Leaks where downspouts meet gutters
  • Places where the gutters and roof have separated from each other
  • Dark spots that tell of water damage on siding and shingles

Painting and New Siding

When the sun is shining, paint is able to dry easier and faster. This summer, treat your home to a new paint job while the weather is perfect. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your home look like new, but it also serves as a protective layer for UV rays and moisture. Echols Home Improvement services can provide you with a quality paint job and a professional crew.

Seal and Stain Wood Decks

Similar to paint, applying stain to a wood deck will act as a protective covering. The lifespan of your deck will increase while also making it shine and look gorgeous. Your deck can be stained by yourself on a dry and cool weekend. Just remember to take your time and don’t be cheap when buying materials.

Roof Replacement

A shingle roof replacement is a big investment, however, it could save you money if you decide on the replacement before winter starts. The winter months are notorious for bad storms, and therefore, roof damage. If your roof needs it, a full replacement will be much more cost efficient than paying for many small repairs over time. Consider a roof replacement sooner rather than later with your Atlanta contractor.

Contact Echols roofing to receive a replacement estimate for your shingle roof replacement.

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