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Home Improvements that Add Value to Your Home

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Your Marietta-area castle may not have a moat, but it can have an astounding front door — the type of entrance that takes visitors’ breath away. These and two other home improvement projects will add real value and boost your home’s curb appeal.

New Front Door

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, the home improvement of adding a new steel front door will recover 75 percent of its cost at resale. More important (if you plan to enjoy your remodeling efforts), a new steel front door made 53 percent of surveyed homeowners want to stay home more, 59 percent had an increased enjoyment of their home and 61 percent felt a major sense of accomplishment about the project.
The REALTORS® report estimated an average cost of $2,000 and a return at home sale of $1,500.
Echols Roofing, which handles all types of remodeling, can provide your Marietta-area home with a custom-installed front door, overseen by company partner and door specialist Armando Cartaya (A.C. to friends and valued clients).

New Roofing

A second home improvement project is a new roof. Nearly half (45 percent) of REALTORS® suggested a new roof to their selling homeowners. Return on investment is stunning: 105 percent. This means if you spend, on average, $7,600 on a new shingle roof expertly installed by Echols Roofing, you will recover $8,000 at resale.
When you partner with Echols Roofing for a new roof as your next home improvement project, we offer:

  • Atlas Roofing Products
  • CertainTeed shingles
  • GAF shingles
  • Tamko Roofing Products

This means colors, style and price options virtually unmatched in the Atlanta-Marietta area.

New Fiber Cement Siding

A top home improvement to make is replacing the old siding (vinyl or asbestos) with new fiber cement siding. As a Hardie Preferred Contractor, Echols Roofing can install all James Hardie products. The REALTORS® report points out that new fiber cement siding returns a whopping 79 percent of its value at resale. Customers overwhelmingly select fiber cement siding for its durability, spectrum of color choices, and resistance to rot, sunlight, insects and fire. A stunning 83 percent of surveyed homeowners selected fiber cement siding to upgrade old, tired, worn-out siding.

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