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This Roof Advisor Lets Homeowners Design Their Own Shingle Roof


shingle roof decider lets homeowners design their own roof

A new roof requires a substantial financial investment by a homeowner.  To help make this investment easier, our team at Echols Home Improvements is excited to be able to offer the Roof Advisor, a program that enables homeowners to make informed decisions and design their own roof. 

The Obvious Culprits

The color and brand of shingles used on the roof are often deemed “most important” the two main considerations of most homeowners.  After all, they seem to cover the two most important aspects; appearance and functionality.

However, it is also important to understand how 3 Tab shingles, for example, measure up to architectural or designer shingles in terms of cost, functionality, and durability.  Some have great wind resistance ratings, others are made to resist damage caused by impact.  Each type that we work with and recommend is laid out clearly to make it easy for you to compare your options and choose the one that fits your needs best.

Lesser Known Roof Components

Then, of course, there are questions about the usage of winter guard, ventilation, and ridge cap options.  These lesser-known roof components are equally necessary for a well-built roof system. As you work your way through the Roof Advisor, you will learn about the different options and accessories that come into play when constructing a roof.

Price Ranges Available

As with any product, there are various levels of quality that can be obtained with a new roof system.  High quality products may be highly recommended, but they can also carry a higher price tag. Our Roof Advisor contains products from various price ranges, each selected carefully to ensure that they pass minimum building code requirements.

Easy Selection & Submission

At each step of planning your roof with our Roof Advisor, you can select your choice with a simple click of the mouse.  At the end, you have the opportunity to review all of your choices – then submit them to our team.

We ask for your name and contact information so that we can check the building codes that apply to your area – and contact you to set up a consultation.

Professional Prep Work

Echols Home Improvements has taken the guesswork out of your preparations.  We are excited to be able to offer the Roof Advisor, a program that walks you through each step of the roofing process and enables you to choose the roof that is right for you.

Contact Echols Home Improvements for help with your shingle roof needs.

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