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6 Facts About Window Replacement

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Homeowners sometimes balk at what they think is the prohibitive cost of new windows, without considering the hidden costs of keeping old, drafty windows. While heating costs may not be budget-busters in the Atlanta area, the opportunity to lower your cooling costs makes new windows an open and shut case. Here are 6 good reasons to consider new windows, however, that go beyond energy savings. 

1. Energy Savings

One of the main reasons to consider replacement windows on your Atlanta home is to save help money on summertime cooling costs. Drafty, loose older windows let expensively cooled air out and allow hot, humid air in. This leads to higher electricity costs and more work for your central air conditioner.

2. Curb Appeal Face-lift

Everyone wants to preserve value in their home. New windows can transform the facade of your Atlanta-area home faster and more dramatically than just about any other renovation. With crisp, glinting new glass and exterior trim with square corners and gleaming finishes, new windows not only preserve home value, they boost curb appeal.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality is greatly diminished by uncontrolled leaks around ill-fitting old windows. Water penetration can create breeding grounds for mold and mildew, often within the walls. This builds up beyond your sight, but not beyond your nose’s ability to smell the characteristic foul odor. Air penetration also allows pollen and other airborne pollutants to sneak into your home.

4. Easy Maintenance

Old windows may stick, requiring constant battering and coaxing. They can need constant repainting, with scraping, priming and two coats of paint inside and out. The outside glass of many old, upstairs windows are nearly impossible to clean.

New windows, with tilt-in frames, are easy and safe to clean inside and out. Their parts slide gracefully. Replacement windows in sturdy vinyl never need painting.

5. Vinyl or Wood?

Echols Home Improvements uses both PlyGem and Simonton window brands. PlyGem windows are best for customers who want a paint-able composite window; Simonton windows are made from 100 percent virgin vinyl.

6. Design Options

Your old windows may have limited your choice of interior design motifs. Replacement windows can literally open your house up to many design choices:

  • Garden windows
  • Double-hung
  • Picture windows
  • Geometric shapes
  • Bay or Bow windows
  • Single or two-light slider windows

Contact Echols Home Improvements today to get the facts on replacement windows and set up an in-home appointment today.

New Window Options for Your Home
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