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Does My Tile Roof Need Cleaning?


tile roof cleaning - oct 2015

Tile roofs are a beautiful, classic addition to homes throughout the Southern United States.  However, they often require maintenance and minor repairs to keep their stately appearance.

Fungus, Algae, & Lichens

One of the problems faced by homeowners is the growth of organic materials on their tile roof.

These photos show the growth of fungus (the dark streaks) and algae and lichens (the green areas).

These organisms occur naturally. Although they may be unsightly in appearance, they are not harmful to the tile roofing.

However, the algae and lichens do make the roof more slippery, especially when wet. Once a colonization begins it will slowly spread across the roof surface. Contributing factors are moisture, which is due to the presence of leaves or the direction that slope of roof faces.

Most shingles are now made with ceramic coated copper granules embedded in the shingles which wash over the roof when it rains prohibiting the growth of the organisms. However, inhibiting these organisms permanently is not very probable; once the granules wear off (which happens naturally over time), the organic matter will begin formulating.

How Do I Clean My Tile Roofing?

It is important that if the homeowner chooses to do so, a qualified roof cleaner be hired rather than a neighborhood pressure washer.

Cleaning a roof typically requires specialized equipment and safety measures to be put in place for the sake of the roof cleaner and the homeowner’s legal liability.  If you are not experienced with roof heights and roof pitch and do not have the proper safety equipment, it is recommended that you call a professional. Your roofing professional will have the correct cleaning solutions and will use the proper pressure washers so your roofing tiles, along with the surrounding greenery, will not be damaged.

If you live in the Atlanta area, we recommend using the services of L. C. Wood. He has specialized in this type of tile roof cleaning for years, and can be reached at (770) 343-4855.

Professional Roofing Help

For help with your roof repair and maintenance needs, contact our team at Echols Home Improvements.  We have been helping home and business owners throughout the Atlanta region for many decades.

Roof Repair Options
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