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The Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding


new fiber cement sidingEchols Home Improvements is a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, which means we use and recommend HardiePlank siding, HardieTrim boards and other Hardie products. These fiber-cement products are superior to just about any other siding material for siding replacement on your Marietta-area home. 

Simple, Yet Varied

Hardie products are America’s most popular siding choice partly because of the simplicity of the design. Just six chemicals go into the fiber-cement mix:

  1. Crystalline Silica (Quartz)
  2. Calcium Silicate (Hydrate)
  3. Calcium Carbonate
  4. Calcium Aluminum Silicate (Hydrate)
  5. Cellulose
  6. Carbon Black

If you are not an industrial engineer or chemist, you may not recognize Portland cement and wood fiber. The cement provides strength, the wood fiber flexibility.

Together the two ingredients can be mixed, shaped and dried to make an enormous variety of siding replacement options:

  • Lap siding—Select Cedarmill, Smooth, Beaded Cedarmill and Beaded Smooth
  • Trim boards—4/4 NT3® SMOOTH,, 5/4 NT3® SMOOTH, crown moulding, rustic-grain batten boards, smooth batten boards and more
  • Soffit panels—Vented and non-vented, Cedarmill and smooth, beaded porch panel
  • Vertical siding—Sierra 8, Select Cedarmill and smooth
  • Shingle siding—Half-rounds, staggered edge panel, straight edge panel and individual shingles

Benefits of Hardie Products

Besides being non-flammable, the fiber-cement used in Hardie products are superior to just about any other siding replacement material:

  • Five times thicker than vinyl
  • Does not lose its shape like vinyl
  • Authentic wood-grain effect
  • More expensive than vinyl, but lasts far longer while looking far better
  • Hardie products resist warping, sagging and melting
  • Less maintenance than wood
  • More elegant than PVC, OSB or vinyl siding and trim
  • Immune to insects and rot
  • No need to repaint as with wood
  • Less expensive than brick
  • Equal to or less expensive than hardboard or composite siding
  • Less expensive than synthetic stucco


Long-lasting, strong Hardie products installed by Echols Home Improvements will last for generations with little to no upkeep. The color you select for siding replacement at installation will be the same color you enjoy a decade on, because ColorPlus® Technology locks in the color. Hardie applies numerous coats to every surface of each piece. The finish is cured between coats to resist chipping, flaking or cracking. Because of the care taken during manufacture, Hardie products resist ultraviolet fading far better than vinyl or paint.

If the siding on your home is looking a little wilted, faded, tired or outdated, contact Echols Home Improvement today to discuss siding replacement.

Siding Options for Your Home
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