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Echols Rebuilds And Saves A Broken Chimney

Echols Chimney Repair Before and After

When this home was built the chimney was not properly supported. The chimney began to lean and caused leaks in the roof and cracking in supporting rafters. Echols Roofing & Home Improvements was hired to remedy the support system, rebuild the chimney chase, and replace the roof on the home. 

After replacing affected rafters and increasing support strength under the chase, the chimney chase was completely rebuilt and painted. A chimney cricket was added for proper drainage, and then ice and water shield turned up onto the new chase 6” and synthetic underlayment was installed. The internal flashing and shingles were then applied just as code instructs.

No more leaks for this Echols customer either at the new skylight or the chimney. Weather-proof installation and peace of mind.

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