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3 Steps To Take When Your Roof Has A Leak

text: 3 Steps To Take When Your Roof Has A Leak

Finding a water leak in your home isn’t necessarily a time to panic. But it is time to take fast action.

Not acting quickly after you see a leak can lead to more significant damage to your home and roof. Besides, a water leak never fixes itself. So, what should you do when you find a leak in your home? Let’s take a look:

1. Call your roofer ASAP

By the time you first notice a leak, the chances are it may have already existed for some time – which means the damage may be greater than you think. That’s one reason why you should contact a reliable roofing company as soon as possible after seeing the leak.

A roofer will examine the leak, reveal its source, and give you an estimate for the cost of repairs needed to fix it. A roofer can also cover areas where water is leaking to protect the interior of your home and its belongings.

Hiring an experienced roofer also ensures the issue is fixed correctly the first time around. They’ll have the experience, knowledge, and training in how to deal with leaks properly.

2. Start the insurance claim process

After you’ve scheduled an inspection by your roofer, it’s also important to call your insurance company and agent immediately. Your homeowner’s policy may or may not cover the damage caused by a leaky roof – which your agent can tell you.

The majority of policies cover the cost of water damage repairs caused by a storm or other event out of your control. Most don’t if the leak is the result of infrequent or faulty maintenance, or damage not caused by a weather event.

3. Decide what repairs must be made

Again, a trustworthy roofer will determine the source of your water leak and the damage caused by it. They’ll also tell you what repairs must be made now. In most cases, all repairs to damage caused by water leaks need to be made immediately to prevent future damage.

It’s also a great time to talk to your contractor about scheduling a regular roof maintenance plan to help prevent leaks and other roof issues no matter what the season or weather.

If your Atlanta-area home has a water leak, call Echols Roofing immediately. They’re a local business with the knowledge to fix your leak and prevent future damage. 

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