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Avoid Being Ripped Off In The Worst Of Times

text: Avoid being ripped off in the worst of times

Tropical storm Michael caused widespread damage as over 400,000 Georgians lost power in October 2018. Many residents had to deal with closed roads from fallen trees and various other damage. Every roof in Atlanta is vulnerable to heavy rains and strong winds, which is why it’s best to prepare for the next big storm.

Assessing Storm Damage

After a huge storm, it’s best to check your ceilings for leaks and observe the neighborhood to see how much damage occurred. Only hire a properly-insured professional roofing inspector with a proven track record. Unlike novices who lack proper training, a certified and reputable roofer will do a thorough inspection so that even the smallest leaks are detected. Fixing cracks and leaks early will prevent them from spreading.

Just Say No to Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are national contractors or roofers from outside the market who target cities hit by big storms, taking away business from local roofers. It’s better to work with a local company because they will have your best interests in mind instead of just looking to make fast cash.

Local roofers who have been in business for years are more familiar with proper solutions for your climate. They also care about their long-term reputations for doing quality work, whereas storm chasers will not be around next time you need help. Sticking with local roof techs will eliminate 99 percent of the unknown problems related with roof repair right off the bat. So avoid signing anything with a storm chaser.

Don’t Pay Until the Work is Done

Hang on to your insurance check until it’s time to pay the roofer after all the work is done. The problem with using your insurance check to pay upfront is there might be extra damage discovered which will be uncovered. Reputable roofers don’t ask for money upfront anyway. Be aware that you don’t need to sign any contract stating the scope of work and amount will be determined by the insurer. Your insurance adjuster can work with any contractor, not just the first one who knocks on your door.

Make sure your roofer is local, trusted, verified and certified so you don’t end up paying for the same problems twice. Contact us at Echols Roofing to learn more about how we can inspect your roof for leaks and other damage. We guarantee honest, reliable quality work.

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