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Why Sandy Spring Residents Need New Gutter Installation

Why Sandy Spring Residents Need New Gutter Installation

If your Sandy Spring home has an older gutter system, you may be experiencing problems due to its design that put your property at risk of damage.

To protect your home and avoid costly repairs, now’s the time to invest in new gutters and have them expertly installed by a trusted local specialist like Echols Home Improvements.

Why Older Gutter Systems Often Fail

Older gutters were typically fashioned from individual sections, and hung from outside brackets using long nails driven through the gutters into the fascia. In such a system, each joint and nail puncture is a weak point that’s prone to leaks.

Nails can eventually loosen and pull out, causing gaps and sags that affect efficient water drainage and lead to backups and overflows. Leaks, sagging and improper water drainage can result in costly damage to your home, such as roof edge/fascia decay, cladding stains/deterioration, as well as soil erosion, ruined landscaping and foundation harm.

New Gutters Offer Dramatic Improvements in Design

The new gutters available today have a dramatically improved design for more effective and efficient rainwater diversion and drainage. Our experienced team at Echols Roofing will craft a seamless gutter system that matches the measurements of your roof edge, with mitered/sealed joints just in the corners. We also attach new gutters with hidden internal brackets that are screwed securely to the fascia. With a custom, seamless gutter system, you’ll reap benefits like:

  • Leak-resistant, durable construction. Seamless new gutters eliminate the potential of leaks between multiple sections fastened together. The brackets used for the internal hangers provide extra strength and structural support to the gutters. With screws used for fastening, your gutters won’t pull away from the fascia or sag, which ensures a long-lasting, secure system.
  • Better rainwater management. A seamless gutter system that’s customized for your home by a skilled installer like Echols Roofing will have ideally-sized gutters with the right number of correctly-placed downspouts. Such a system provides better rainwater management, which lessens the likelihood of damage to your home’s exterior, landscaping, and foundation.
  • Fewer maintenance woes. Seams and joints not only leak, they also snag debris, so older gutters often clog easily. Seamless gutters have a smoother interior that doesn’t trap debris, so they’ll require cleaning less often, especially if you also invest in gutter guards.

To learn all about quality new gutters for your Atlanta-area home, contact us at Echols Roofing & Home Improvements.

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