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How to Tell What Makes Great Carpentry

carpenter with the words how to tell what makes great carpentry

Hiring carpenters in Atlanta need not be a gamble. You can find carpenters experienced in all levels of work, from rough carpentry to structural to finish carpentry. Finding carpenters in Atlanta who are capable of building, say, a deck and stairs, or who can install windows that operate perfectly the first time, begins with finding a reliable contractor. Signs of a great carpenter are found in their process, their materials, and their work.


The best carpenters in Atlanta will ally themselves with superior contractors. Carpenters tend to specialize. When you see bridges and concrete walls rising, carpenters are the ones assembling the wooden forms for the concrete. When you watch a house frame go up seemingly overnight, carpenters are measuring, cutting and nailing together the platform framing. When you marvel at the beautiful moldings and fine floors of a new house, interior trim carpenters were there.

Contractors trust their carpenters, so the process is nearly universal. A homeowner asks for a home improvement, like new windows or an ample rear deck, railings and stairs. The contractor and homeowner agree on a design or selection, and then the carpenter turns dream into reality. The contractor gives the carpenter freedom to perform the work in the best manner possible for the site and budget.


Really good carpenters in Atlanta have some leeway in selecting materials for projects. Few would be happy to simply take a flatbed truckload of lumber and use every piece. A trained eye can spot (and usually reject) cupped, warped, twisted or crooked framing members. Your deck, for example, should have all its joists crowned, meaning any curve of the wood is up.


Most carpenters in Atlanta are proud of their ability to create snug joints, line up wood true and level, and deliver finished products that will take years of use. The best way to find such carpenters is to examine their work. Ask a contractor for pictures of finished projects. Examine inside and outside corners, where the carpenter’s skills are tested in the joints. Examine stairs, railings and balusters, which test any woodcrafter’s talents.
At Echols Home Improvements we are proud of the carpentry team we have assembled. We trust them, and know they produce great work. Contact Echols Home Improvements today about your next deck, replacement windows, or new front door. We will be proud to show you what our carpenters can do.

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