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3 Things You Should Know About Home Improvement Financing

dark house with money in it that says 3 things you should know about home improvement financing

What is holding you back? What is preventing you from adding on that much-needed extra bedroom, replacing a dangerous deck, or upgrading to energy-efficient replacement windows? If your roof is leaking, you risk ruining your possessions and your family’s health. If your front door is practically falling off its hinges, how secure is your property? Atlanta home improvement financing can get your home in great shape in quick order.

Opportunities Abound

Home improvement financing need not be a burden on you and your family. You have many choices, only some of which would pop into the mind of the average homeowner:

  • One-year loans that add no interest if paid off within the year — Echols Home Improvements partners with EnerBankUSA® to make your loan process easy
  • Five-year loans with fixed rates of 6.99 percent (July, 2016) — Also available from EnerBankUSA® through Echols Home Improvements
  • Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) program — We checked recently and found more than 50 financial incentives available
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) — Like a mini-mortgage, with a specific term and fixed rate

Tax Credits Can Help

Some home improvements intersect with available tax credits. These can be for improvements that increase your home’s energy efficiency, helping our national goal of lessening dependence on foreign energy sources.

The interest on traditional HELOC and home improvement loans is fully deductible up to $100,000, so as long as the loan is not greater than your home’s value, says the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Whether you consider it a home improvement or your chance to shave your energy bills, solar energy installation can give you a nice tax break, too, even after the popular 2016 energy credits expired. Use IRS Form 5695 for solar electric and solar water heating costs through 2021.

A Local Partner

The third thing to know about Atlanta home improvement financing is how easy your life can be when you connect with Echols Home Improvements. We can carefully plan the work and provide information about financing the improvements. We can link you with our preferred financial firm, EnerBankUSA®, and will work with you on a schedule that fits your budget and financing requirements.
Some companies get an up-front payment and then disappear. Not Echols. We want to help you now and far into the future. We can transform your Atlanta home, cut your energy bills and make your family comfortable. Contact us today.

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