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When Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

an orange and teal graphic that says when is it time to replace your windows?

Your windows protect you and your family from the elements. They also provide sunlight for indoor plants, a view of the scenery outside your home, and give you the ability to control the amount of fresh air that flows through your home. How do you know when your windows are in need of repair or replacement? This checklist will help you determine the best way to know if your home needs replacement windows or just simple repairs.

What is the frame condition?

If the frame around the window is cracked or warped, or if the paint is chipped or bubbling, that is a sign that the wood needs to be replaced because it is starting to rot or decay.

What is the glass condition?

Condensation is a sign that there is a problem with double pane or single pane windows. If there is condensation present between two panes on a double pane window it means that the seals are broken, weakening the stability of the insulating properties. Condensation on a single pane window means that the standard insulating properties are weak.

Can you feel a draft around the window?

Make sure all the windows and doors are closed and then run your hand around the windows in your home. Feel for a draft, cold, or hot spots, depending on the weather. A draft means your heat or air conditioning systems are working harder than necessary.

Do the windows stick or get jammed?

This is a sure sign that the condition of your window frame is deteriorating and needs repair or replacement. The sashes may be damaged or the balance may be off, causing small openings that may also allow insects to get in.

Is your utility bill high?

If your utility bills have been creeping up, it may be that your home is having a harder time keeping a comfortable balanced temperature than previously. The efficiency of your windows can have a drastic effect on your utility bill and the difference will show if you replace old windows with new ones.

Replacement windows can lower your utility bill, protect your home and family from the elements, and give you an outstanding view of your surroundings. Have your current windows inspected to see if they are in need of replacement or simple repairs by contacting Echols Roofing.

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