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When Is It Time for Roof Repair?

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Unless you were present when your Atlanta-area home’s roof was installed, you have little way of knowing—for sure—exactly how old your roof is. You probably do not recognize the indicators that your roof is aging or in need of attention. Take a couple of tips from professional roofers and watch for these sure signs that roof repair may be in your future.

Increased Indoor Humidity

While Atlanta may have normally higher humidity in summer, if you notice your home’s humidity levels seem to be rising inexplicably, water could be infiltrating through small leaks in your roof. You may not see actual drips and stains, but water could be coming in, slowly saturating insulation, and encouraging mold growth.

Light is Visible

If you take a daytime field trip into your Atlanta home’s attic and look up at the underside of the sheathing (the sheets of wood supporting your roof), you should not see daylight through the spaces between the sheathing. The spaces are there intentionally, to allow the wood to expand and contract. So do not worry if you see those gaps. Above the sheathing, however, you should see nothing. No daylight, no water dripping in, just the inky darkness of the underlayment.

Daylight means you have splits in the underlayment, and something awry with your shingles. Shingles overlap, to guide water down your roof into your gutters. If you see daylight, it is time for roof repair by professionals.

What is In Those Gutters?

Examine the bottoms of your gutters. Do not climb onto your roof, of course, but from the relative safety of an extension ladder, look into the gutters. If you see granules that are the same color as your shingle roof, you are losing vital protection. The granules adhere to asphalt and solvents in the shingles, helping to make them water resistant. Losing the granules means your roof is losing its ability to protect your home. This is a major sign that roof repair or shingle replacement is needed.


The most obvious sign pointing toward the immediate need for roof repair is a leak. Look for water stains on ceilings, actual water dripping, or mold appearing. If you spot these signals that your roof is leaking, contact the experts at Echols Roofing immediately. We can help put your roof back in good repair and keep your mind at ease.

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