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Take Care of Your Roof to Reap Home Improvement Value

a home with the words take care of your roof to reap home improvement value over it

Investing in your house takes several forms. You make your initial purchase and pay off the mortgage, gaining the right to the “undisturbed use and enjoyment of real property.” You build for the future by making home improvements, so that if you ever have to sell, you not only got a lot of use out of your home, you get back a lot of your money.

Best Value

Home improvement value can be measured by the return on investment (ROI). Say you spend $1,334 on a new front door and, at resale, the door adds $1,217 in value to your home. (These are not random numbers; they come from the 2016 Cost vs. Value survey.) The front door gives you an ROI of 91.1 percent. Front doors, the sort of home projects Echols can help Marietta-area homeowners with, always return a lot of value.

A front door is fine, but if your home needs a roof, you cannot easily sell your home as it is. The Cost vs. Value survey puts roof replacement as the eighth best value for homeowners. A roof is your home’s primary protection against the elements, so investing $20,142 (national average) to get a resale value of $14,446 means you get a 71.7 percent return on your investment. Plus, of course, you get to enjoy living in a home with a fine, new roof.


Many homeowners wonder if a roof repair, rather than full roof replacement, is among the home improvements real estate professionals recommend. Here you are preserving existing value. A needed roof repair cannot be put off, since the issue will only get worse.

Consider a small leak. Water stains on the ceiling mean water has accumulated in the attic, ruining insulation, inviting pests and decreasing the insulation’s ability to preserve your home’s comfortable temperature.

Do nothing about the small leak, and soon you will have mold, mildew, insects and even rodents in your attic. Your ceiling stain will grow. You have lost considerable value in your home.
While a roof repair is not among the highest ROI home improvements, no real estate professional will advise you to try selling your house without making the needed repair.

Let Echols Roofing help you add to the curb appeal and dollar value of your home. We are experts at roofing as well as other home improvement projects! Contact Echols Roofing today.

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