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Finish Your Basement the Right Way


basement remodel success by Echols Home Improvements

If you find yourself needing more space in your Atlanta-area home, you have three directions to go: build up, build out, or build down. Probably the least expensive option, and certainly the least disruptive, is to build down, by having your basement refinished to capture usable living space. Basement remodeling has several benefits over additions or adding another floor to your home. 

Basement Remodeling Done Right

You have two possible paths to a successful basement remodeling project:

  • Do it yourself—After investing in thousands of dollars worth of tools, some of which you will never use again, you still have to purchase, measure, cut and install all the materials, while keeping your full-time job and without injuring yourself
  • Hire an area expertEchols handles basement projects as well as siding, windows, roofing and other remodeling projects, drawing on decades of experience and using all the right equipment

The safer, easier path to basement remodeling success is to hire a competent, trusted local contractor to complete the remodeling for you. Echols Home Improvements can quickly and expertly assess your current basement, and provide you with several options to make the most of your space.

Minimal Disruption

Assuming you have exterior access to your basement, a basement makeover is the least disruptive, and the quickest, way to increase living space. Echols can work wholly from the outside access to enter and leave your home with equipment and materials. We know how to clear the basement, insulate walls and ceiling, run electrical work for lighting and outlets, install walls, and assist with environmental control (HVAC).

You can continue with the normal flow of family life while the basement renovation goes forward. This is not usually true with additions, and adding an additional story to a home is completely disruptive. Additions also usually take longer than remodeling a basement. The basement already has plumbing, electrical and other systems in place, to be added to or modified. Additions require complete ground-up fabrication. basement remodel - Before - jpg

basement remodel - after - jpg


Echols is the company to trust for flawless basement remodeling. We work with noted interior designer James Taggert to help you plan good room flow. We have a superior carpentry crew, headed up by Sebastian Ambrosini, with more than a decade of experience with Echols.

Contact Echols today to capture extra living, play and storage space from that dark and dingy basement, and know that your basement remodeling project is done right.

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