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Carpentry Repairs for Your Home



An old joke of the interior design trade riffs on the $100,000 lamp. A homeowner buys a beautiful, new lamp at a reasonable price.  While admiring its effect, the homeowner then realizes that it is a bit of a contrast with the outdated furniture and style of the home.  The solution? Renovate the entire home, of course!  Starting your home improvements by targeting key areas can keep you – and your budget – on track and prepared. From deck replacement to new siding, here are a few things to think about when considering the carpentry repairs required by your home.

Curb Appeal

In and around the Atlanta suburbs, we see homes in every state of repair (and disrepair).  One of the renovations that is perennially popular, however, is a new addition deck or a deck replacement. With a huge impact on curb appeal, adding a beautiful deck to your home will enable you and your family to spend quality time out of doors together.

Tried and True

Unique, custom additions to a home may change with the times.  Here are a few more perennially appealing projects:

  • Deck replacement—Keep your family and friends safe with clean, modern decking.
  • Exterior trim—Replace brick mold, fascia, door trim, and crown molding around porch columns.
  • Exterior door replacement— Utilize quality products such as ThermaTru® and ProVia® doors.
  • Windows—Transform the curb appeal and interior comfort of your home by upgrading your windows to newer, energy-efficient panes.

Second Looks

You are not making home carpentry repairs to please your neighbors, but the second—and third—looks you will get from having a new deck replacement or sprucing up your siding are a great bonus.

Invite the neighbors over to christen your new deck with a barbeque. Invite your mother in law over for dinner to experience the benefits of energy-efficient new windows.

Brag a little. You earned it, by investing in the care and upkeep of your most valuable possession: your home.

Whether you call us for deck replacement, new windows or siding repair, at Echols Home Improvements, we are ready to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can help preserve the beauty and value of your Atlanta-area home.

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