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Do You Know if Your Windows Need to Be Replaced?


As a homeowner, you understand how important it is to keep your windows in optimal operating condition.  Cracks in the glass of your windows may be an obvious sign that you should consider window replacement, but there are other signs that indicate you may need to consider new windows for your home.

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Tips for Window Inspection

When deciding if your windows need to be replaced, you must check many different variables.  Take a moment to inspect a few windows around your house to determine if you should consider window replacement.

    • Check the operation of each window in your home.  Make sure each window is fully operational and be certain you can lift and lower the sash with no pinching or catching.
    • Check both the inside and outside of your windows for chipped or peeling paint.  Peeling paint on the exterior of your home near windows may be a sign of moisture escaping through poorly sealed windows.  Peeling paint near windows may also be caused by temperature extremes, something that the Atlanta metro area has experienced more and more of in the past few years.
    • Be sure to inspect your windows for any hot or cold spots.  Simply run your hand around the sash of your windows when the weather is extremely hot (or cold, in northern areas) and feel for temperature differences.  Extreme temperature differences around a few windows may indicate the need to consider window replacement in your home.
    • If you have a home in a colder climate, check your windows for frost or ice buildup during the winter months, as this is a sign of rapidly changing temperatures between your home’s interior and exterior.  This may mean that your windows are made with poor thermal material or that the insulating material in your current windows has failed.
  • Check your windows for drafts.  On windy days, light a candle and hold it at various spots around several windows in your home.  A candle that flickers means that wind is passing through your windows and that you may need to consider professional window replacement.

Remember: poorly constructed windows are a source of energy loss in your home.

If you test a few windows in your home and determine that window replacement may be necessary, obtain a professional assessment of your windows.  Newly installed replacement windows can help beautify your home and increase your home’s energy efficiency and value.

We Can Help with Your Window Replacement!

Contact our professionals at Echols Roofing for help with your window repair and replacement needs.  We have a skilled team that is always ready to help!

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