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How Windows Prevent Temperature Transfer


lower cooling costs

Temperature regulation is an important requirement in any home. There are many complex systems that have been designed to regulate heat transfer in your home. However most of them are quite expensive and comes with extra charges through maintenance and power bills. As a homeowner therefore, getting a more cost-efficient means is very essential.

Windows Help Lower Cooling Costs

To help lower cooling costs, Echols installs high quality windows that prevent temperature transfer and are ideal for any home. Energy costs are a constant concern to homeowners, who are turning to alternative methods to making their home an energy-efficient, comfortable place to spend time with family and friends.

How it Works

There are a few different manufacturers we use that design their windows on the following two principles:

  • Reflectivity – This is the ability of a window to reflect back some of the heat that reaches its surface, rather than absorb it all. It is one of the most essential features of a truly energy efficient window. Radiant heat (UV rays from the sun) is absorbed by the exterior surfaces of your home. If the glass absorbs the heat, it results in a greenhouse effect that causes your cooling system to work harder (and making sunrooms unbearable in the afternoon). The windows we use are designed to  reflect back the excess.
  • Emissivity – This is the measurement of the effectiveness of a surface to release the heat that it has absorbed.  Low-E (low emissivity) glass is ideal for homeowners and business owners alike because it does not release high amounts of absorbed heat into the building. Even if a sunroom, for example, is facing south, installing Low-E, insulated windows will prevent it from can make sunrooms, or rooms with large windows, from excessive heating on sunny days

High quality windows are truly amazing in their ability to filter out harmful UV rays and insulate a home as needed. When looking for ways to lower your cooling costs, check out windows from Echols, helping homeowners throughout the Marietta area improve their quality of life.

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