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Sandy Springs (30328) Roof Repair


Sandy Springs (30328) Roof Repair

Leak cause:

The shingles were applied on a slope too low for them to work without an underlayment designed for the slope; rotted wall siding above the area, and improper flashing in wall. Echols tech, Billy Dodd, installed a waterproof underlayment, put oversized wall flashing in and replaced wall siding.

Job cost: $1295.00.


Very often, in an effort to sell the repair at the lowest price and thereby get the work, a repairman will just replace the shingles in the affected area and caulk the wall. This does work for several years, and the homeowner is relieved he got it repaired for less than expected; but the relief doesn’t last long. Within a few years it starts over. This leak should now be a non-issue until time to replace the entire roof. That’s the result we all really want!

Sandy Springs Roof Repair Job Photos:

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