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Echols Roofing Volunteers Services to Homes for Our Troops, Autism Research and Supports Georgia Families with Medically Fragile


Support for Our Injured Troops Returning Home

Echols Roofing & Home Improvements has joined Homes For Our Troops as a volunteer contractor. Homes For Our Troops will build 36 specially designed homes to provide without cost to the most severely wounded returning veterans. Echols has asked to be called upon if any of the homes are built in metro-Atlanta so that we can provide labor for the roof on the home. CertainTeed Corporation, whose fine products Echols proudly offers, will be providing the roofing materials. Visit the provided link to see how you can participate. These vets and their families deserve our meaningful attention and contributions as they face a future full of new challenges.

Echols Supports Georgia Families dealing with Autism

Echols Roofing & Home Improvements for many years has been a contributor to the Autism Foundation of Georgia. The foundation hosts an annual Candlelight Ball, which raises significant funds for the foundations work and is a lot of fun. It is a black tie event which is open to the public and gives attendees a chance to meet some of Atlanta’s most accomplished men and women and enjoy a meal and perhaps a dance with your significant other during a night away from the routine. The date for the 2014 Ball is March 22 at the Buckhead Intercontinental Hotel. We urge you to consider this charity in your giving. For more information on the Candlelight Ball and the foundation please visit their website:

Echols Asks You to Learn About and Join Them in Supporting Dream House for Medically Fragile Children

Imagine having a special needs child that requires 24 hour per day care. Truthfully, that can not be done by someone that hasn’t “been through it.”  The physical, emotional and financial exhaustion cannot even be fathomed until you are the one in it. And ‘in it’ many in metro Atlanta are. I know from conversations I have had with my customers over the years that most are charitable givers. But how much of your giving is to help way off ‘over there’ somewhere when one of the most desperate needs anywhere is with families and single mothers fighting to care for a special needs child within twenty miles of your home? Let me introduce you to Dream House for Medically Fragile Children in Lilburn, Georgia.

Dream House provides training for foster and adoptive parents who wish to take a medically fragile child into their family and provide the boy or girl with love and a place to belong. Many of these children are left with the state by parents that could not cope. Unless someone steps in, they languish in sterile hospitals or nursing homes.

Parents that do keep their special needs child desperately need respite care relief. Dream House provides a specially equipped home and trained nursing staff so that these parents can actually have a weekend off to rest, enjoy their spouse, or just go shopping. For some of these mothers it is the first time in memory they have had just one day of such freedom, freedom of time which the rest of us never think of. Dream House provides the money for this weekend relief, about $3500 per weekend, from charitable contributions.

Dream House also coordinates volunteer contractors to equip homes of biological or foster parents so that the home can accommodate the child: ramps, lifts to the sink, bath or toilet, etc. All this requires the finances provided by donors, and the needs are great – but we at Echols Roofing & Home Improvements want to help. Would you please consider becoming a regular supporter of Dream House for Medically Fragile Children?

Dream House has many functions which can be found nowhere else! There is no plan ‘B’ provided by the state. The owners of Echols give 5% of the income they derive from Echols Roofing & Home Improvements to Dream House. And we ask you to help, too. It is a blessing to be the one asked to help rather than be the one with a child in need! Get involved with the Dream House story at

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