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Oak Grove 3-Tab Roof Replacement Job


Oak Grove 3-Tab Roof Replacement Job

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This is an Oak Grove roof replacement job in Decatur, Ga. Notice the dumpster used has tires attached, so no risk to drive from metal wheeled dumpsters. Also, the perimeter shrubbery is covered to offer as much protection as possible. The gutters are protected, as well as the men, by slide guards stationed under the work staging areas and the ladders are braced for safety and the protection of the gutters. The homeowner said, “I can tell this crew has been doing this a long time. They work like a team with no wasted motions. I felt better within an hour of the job starting. I knew I had made the right choice. The owner chose to roof with a standard 3-tab shingle as the home would not show the architectural design well due to the modest slope.”

Echols Roofing specializes in Oak Grove 3-Tab Roof Replacement Jobs.  Please call us for help with your roofing needs.

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