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New Flashing Stops Roof Leak


New Flashing Stops Roof Leak with a Sleek, Finished Look

This wall was leaking due to poor flashing. The step-flashing put in years ago by the builder’s roofer was thin aluminum and cut too short. 8″ step-flashing made of heavy weight metal and solid counter-flashing were mechanically fastened. New shingles were also installed: No reason to cut corners with reusing the existing shingles and risk another leak down the road for different reasons. The customer, Mr. Bath, who lives in Woodstock, in Cobb County, Georgia, stated, “I was concerned about the change in appearance if flashing was replaced, but I needn’t have been. This looks great and is obviously more professional than what I had.”

Flashing Stops Roof Leak Atlanta

Poor Flashing – Before

New Roof Flashing Stops Roof Leak Atlanta

New Flashing & Shingles – After

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