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What Is A Haag-certified inspector?

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Haag Global is a major international company with deep American roots, started in 1924 in Dallas by a proud Texan. Today one of its subsidiaries, Haag Education, provides certification programs for roofing and insurance professionals. When you see your contractor is a “Haag-Certified Inspector,” you should know what that means to you and the home you entrust to professionals like Echols Home Improvements to repair roof damage.

Three Certifications

Haag Education provides three inspection certifications:

  1. Residential Roof Inspector—shown as HCI-R
  2. Wind Damage Inspector—designated HCI-W
  3. Commercial Roof Inspector—indicated by HCI-C

Echols Home Improvements is proud to say that not one, but four of our employees are Haag Certified Residential Roof Inspectors:

  • Gregory Bennett
  • William Dodd
  • Jeff Ogletree
  • Chad Smeaton

These capable roofing professionals already have experience with inspecting roof damage, recommending the right course of action, and ensuring the job is done so that it meets manufacturer’s warranty requirements. But with Haag certification, they go beyond the basics. They bring to your roof their special skills and knowledge.

What HCI-R Means For You

As an Atlanta-area homeowner, you want to know exactly what is wrong with your roof, what roof damage you are dealing with, what will be needed to fix it, and that the job will be done quickly and well. With an HCI-R inspector, you have a highly proficient roofing expert assessing roof damage. He can provide an exact guide to the damage your Atlanta-area home’s roof has sustained. The inspector is trained and tested in many areas:

  • Hail and wind issues
  • Safety
  • Roof area calculations
  • Applicable building and fire codes
  • Repair costs of all major roofing methods—composition shingles, wood shingles or shakes, concrete and clay tile, asbestos, fiber cement, slate and metal
  • Maintenance techniques

Rigorous Training

All four of Echols Home Improvements Haag-certified professionals had to undergo a comprehensive training program through Haag Education. The intensive, three-day certification program is not available to entry-level roofers. Only intermediate level and advanced roofing professionals can take the course, combining damage assessment training and testing. A Haag certification, in this case HCI-R for residential, is a badge of honor. It means our four roofing professionals are true authorities in their craft. They can accurately inspect for damage, correctly evaluate damage, and provide comprehensive reports that are believable and precise.

To gain the assurance of a Haag-certified inspector, contact Echols Home Improvements today. You, and your roof, will be better for it.

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