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Make Sure Your Carpenter Has the Skills to Best Work On Your Home

wood pattern with the words make sure your carpenter has these skills to best work on your home

Wood front and back decks are attractive additions to any home. They increase your property’s value if they are built correctly and maintained. They should be constructed by a professional carpenter.

Carpentry skills are important for all building work. Professional carpenters are familiar with the different types of wood used for patio decks, steps, and exterior work. They know the best woods for lasting beauty, safety, and function in the Atlanta area.

Getting started

To begin with, good carpenters in Atlanta are familiar with all state and local building codes. They are aware of the permits that are needed. Professional carpenters will work with you and/or a homeowner association to make sure that all decks, steps, and accessories are in compliance with any architectural codes, covenants, and restrictions.

Selecting the right design and the best woods for the decking is the next step. Wood has to be treated and occasionally cut to size. This is the job for a professional who does not make mistakes.

Your carpenter will supervise the pouring of concrete for post and anchors if required. The location of the deck will determine the type of supports necessary. A deck may be constructed off of an upstairs room. This requires sturdy support posts cemented into the ground below. Scaffolding may be required for accessibility to the construction area, and are used best by professionals who have the experience and proper safety equipment to get the job done well.

Building process

The carpenter lays the framework for the deck and steps before installing the actual boards. Every frame must be even and level. This is routine for professional carpenters in Atlanta, but it may be difficult for anyone who thinks this is a do-it-yourself project.

The boards are installed and seamed where necessary. Steps and railings are carefully constructed to be strong enough to support heavy weights.

A front or back patio deck may have planter boxes, seats, and other accessories as part of the design. The deck can surround an in-ground or above ground swimming pool. A wood fence may be added to complement the deck.

Echols Roofing offers the finest professional carpentry services in the Atlanta area for exterior work. This includes building decks and repairing decks to maintain safety. We can repair or replace all outdoor wood trim for doors, windows, and overhang areas. Contact us for more information on carpentry services.

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